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School Dodgeball Outreach Program 23-24


"School Dodgeball Outreach Program" is funded by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and organized by the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association. A dodgeball training course planned for primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. The purpose of the project is to teach students the skills and rules of dodgeball, allow potential students to participate in training, further develop interest in dodgeball, and promote the development of dodgeball in the academic world.

Application Details and Method

  1. Submit the "Application Form" by mail or in person to the address of the Association: Room 07, 12th Floor, Star Center, 18 Yip Shing Street, Kwai Chung

  2. Please mark "School Dodgeball Outreach Program 23-24" on the envelope,

  3. Check payable to "Hong Kong Dodgeball Association Ltd"【Please fill in the name of the school and contact number on the back of the check;We will not be responsible for any postal errors. 】

  4. If you need to transfer money online, please inquire about the method with this association after registration.


WhatsApp : +852 5342 2559 (Hong Kong Dodgeball Association)

Email Address :

School Dodgeball Outreach Program 23-24

Venue: School
Date: from September 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024
Gender: all welcomed
Target: Primary / Secondary school students
Time: 1.5 hours per session, after school on weekdays or on Saturday morning
Number of participants per activity: maximum number of participants per school course is 20
Participation quota: 10 schools in total, each school has 6 classes
Fee: $1,200 per school

(Including 2 coaches, 6 classes of 1.5-hour and 12pcs dodgeballs, the original price is $10,700)
Sponsor: Doumiao Sports

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