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Why Dodgeball?

Features of Dodge Ball Sports:
1️⃣Stimulate the tight rhythm, 6 balls come and go at the same time;
2️⃣Easy to use and low threshold, a variety of skills can be played by everyone;
3️⃣Safe and rest assured, use the special sponge dodge ball approved by the International Federation for activities

Men and women, age and level are not restricted, all people who are suitable for sports can participate!

  • Hold by experienced dodge ball coach or instructor

  • Balls can be provided or purchased if necessary

  • Designed with the purpose of Safe and Enjoyment

  • Can be arranged according to the needs with the purpose of the activity (for example, in English / with academic week / inter-class competition)

  • Can also apply competition/training/joint activities for demonstration/experience

- After completing the application form, email to

- For more detail, please email us


Organization Trial

  • Coach by experienced dodgeball coach or instructor

  • All equipment will be provided.

  • 活動內容為體驗閃避球運動,在安全的設計下進行活動

  • 可根據機構意願,針對團隊建立/團隊合作或其他目的設計活動

  • 亦可更改為閃避球比賽/訓練/聯合活動 來配合活動目的





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