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Hong Kong Dodgeball Association is established in 2008 and committed to advocating and developing Dodgeball sport. In order to have comprehensive and advanced development of the sport, we introduced the Membership system

Application in person is not accepted now!! Please mail the registration form and cheque / or email enquiry


Individual Members

  • Ordinary Member

  • Junior Member (For application aged below 19 before 1st September of the membership year)


Meanwhile, you can enjoy the offers below:

1. Hong Kong Dodgeball Association Event Schedule

2. Latest Dodgeball Information

3. Discounts on registrations, tickets, and equipment for all types of dodgeball games

To be our Member, you can join the following activities :

1. Dodgeball League

2. Dodgeball Competition 
3. Dodgeball training course

4. Dodgeball professional Course
5. Large International Dodgeball Event
6. Community Dodgeball tryout
7. Youth Dodgeball Training Course

New Membership Application Form

Membership Renewal Online Form

Club Members


For all the local sports clubs or organizations which have Dodgeball as one of their activities and which has the same objectives of the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association(HKDA), and which is willing to bind itself to observe rules of the HKDA, can become a Club Member.

  • Club Member

  • Affiliated Club Observer

  • Affiliated Club Member


Submit the documents / information to apply︰

  • completed application form,

  • Coach, referee, and member list (with HKDA membership no.)

  • Club profiles (if applicable),

  • Past activities (if applicable), 

  • Development data (background, history, normal activities…. etc)(if applicable),

  • Copy of Business Registration /or Certificate of Registration of a Society &

  • Application Fee

Club Member Application / Renewal



Application Form


2022 Offers- If the group submits the group membership application at the same time as the registration for the Summer League 2022, the validity period of the group membership can be extended to August 31, 2023.

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