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Selection Policy and Appeal Procedure

Hong Kong Dodgeball Representative Team 

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Application

1. The objective of the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association (HKDA) Selection Policy is to provide transparency of the selection process, and to select those players with the qualities and competencies required for the event as well as for the continuous development of Dodgeball in Hong Kong.

2. This Selection Policy relates to the selection of the following Representative Teams:

  • Hong Kong Dodgeball Representative Team (Including Men’s, Women’s & Mixed)

  • Hong Kong Dodgeball Junior Representative Team (Including all U21 categories)

3. This Selection Policy should ensure that:

  • Selections are inline with the guidelines from governing bodies.

  • Selections are transparent and fair

  • Players are aware of the selection criteria and processes ahead of any selections for the Representative Teams listed above. 

Chapter 2 - Eligibility 

All players wishing to be considered for selection in the Representative Teams listed in Chapter 1 must fulfil the following criteria: 

  1. Be a registered member of the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association 

  2. For World and Regional Tournaments organized by World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF), Asia Pacific Dodgeball Federation (APDF) or any other organizations, the player eligibility criteria stated by these organizations must be met. 

Chapter 3 - Selection Panel

1. Members of the player selection panel will be recommended by the Head Coach of the Representative Team and approved by the Chairman of HKDA.

2. Composition of the selection panel will be announced prior to the selection process.

Chapter 4 - Selection Criteria

1. Whenever selecting players for the Representative Teams listed in Chapter 1, the selection panel shall consider the following criteria during selection (in alphabetical order): 

  • Attendance

  • Potential and ability of the Player

  • Potential contribution to the future development of Hong Kong Dodgeball

  • Player playing records and performance

  • Specific role/position ability

  • Team Orientation (e.g. attitude, coachability, commitment) 

Chapter 5 - Selection Procedure

1. Notice of Representative Team selection trials will be publicly posted on HKDA website or any other appropriate media and sent out to all affiliated clubs and members at least 14 days prior to the tryout dates. 

2. The notice of Representative Team selection trials shall include the following:

  • Trial dates, time and location

  • No. of players to be selected

  • Eligibility criteria (if applicable)

  • Age limits (if applicable)

  • Composition of the selection panel

3. All players must be present at the selection tryout(s) in order to be considered for selection. Any exception or request for another trial must be submitted to the selection panel before the trial in written form with supporting reasons. Exception request is to be endorsed by the selection panel. 

4. Players sick or injured and unable to tryout must submit a letter and produce a Doctor’s certificate or Physiotherapist’s letter explaining such. Players will be considered for selection based on the criteria listed in Chapter 4 and if deemed necessary asked to tryout / train with the selected Representative Team to determine selection.

5. After the selection tryouts, the selection panel will provide an evaluation report and recommendation to the Chairman of HKDA to endorse the team roster. 

6. Other than the above, the Head Coach also reserves the right to invite the potential players to join the Representative Team directly.

Chapter 6 - Removal/withdrawal from Representative Team

1. Selected player who breaches or fails to observe this Policy, the HKDA's Memorandum and Articles of Association, By Laws or other policies; unable to fulfil and observe the requirements in the Representative Team agreement; failed to sustain their performance and attitude; or received disciplinary action by the HKDA, APDF or WDBF; may be removed and replaced from the Representative Team.

2. In above circumstances, the Head Coach shall provide a written report to the Chairman of HKDA with a valid reason and evidence proof for the recommended removal of such player and a recommendation of a replacement player, if applicable.

3. If a selected player withdraws from the team due to illness, injury, pregnancy or other circumstances, the player shall provide a signed written notice to the Head Coach. 
4. In such circumstances, the Head Coach shall inform the Chairman of HKDA of the withdrawal of such player(s) and provide a recommendation of a replacement player, if applicable. 

5. If a selected player is unable to travel to an overseas training tournament due to travel restrictions, illness, injury or other circumstances, the player shall inform the Head Coach in writing as soon as they know. 

6. In above circumstances, the Head Coach shall inform the Chairman of HKDA of the player’s circumstances and provide a recommendation of a replacement player if deemed necessary. 

Chapter 7 - Player Selection Appeal

1. Players may appeal non-selection or removal from the Representative Team.

2. All appeal cases must be submitted in writing to the Chairman of HKDA within 48 hours of the announcement of the selection results or removal from the team. Appeals should be sent to

3. Player(s) who wishes to appeal against their non-selection/removal must provide in writing the reasons for the appeal. 

4. If the Chairman of HKDA considers the appeal sound and warrants a review, an Appeal Panel will be formed to review the case. 

5. The Appeal Panel shall be appointed by the Chairman of HKDA and comprise of:

  • A director of the board and;

  • Two other persons of experience and skills suitable for the appeal review function, who are not in the Selection Panel, not in selected squad and have no relationship with the parties involved.

6. The Appeal Panel will review the documents submitted by the player and the selection panel/head coach will provide a written report/statement as to the reasons for the decision against which the appeal is made. 

7. The Appeal Panel may conduct a hearing with the player and/or selection panels or head coach if deemed necessary. 

8. The Appeal Panel will provide the HKDA Board of Directors in written with a decision and reasons within 60 days of the submission of the appeal.

9. The decision will be sent to the selection panel and/or head coach and the player in written.

10. The decision of the Appeal Panel is final. 

In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail. 
Last updated 1 January 2021.
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