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1.  Hong Kong Dodgeball Association (HKDA) is fully committed to providing an environment in which the principles of honesty, integrity, respect and fair play in all its businesses and activities shall apply. Any person involved in any businesses and activities of HKDA must agree to comply with the rules and policies of HKDA and/or other governing organizations and directives of this Code of Conduct.

2. This Code of Conduct is established to create awareness of, and accountability for, the promotion of the game of Dodgeball amongst the participants of all games and activities of HKDA.

3. Participants include players, team management, coaching staff, officials, medical staff and officials appointed by HKDA.

4. All participants are required to comply with this Code of Conduct. By their participation in a HKDA match or activity, they are deemed to have agreed that it is their responsibility to familiarize with the requirements of this Code of Conduct.

5. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary actions, including but not limited as suspension or eviction from the game/activity/team and loss of opportunity to participate in games and activities of HKDA.

6. Participants shall at all times conduct themselves fairly and properly on the field and in any part of the venue. No person may conduct himself/herself in a manner or commit any act or omission which may prejudice the interests of HKDA or which may bring the game of Dodgeball into disrepute.

7. Participants of teams representing Hong Kong should always,
(a) have regard for the best interests of the game of Dodgeball, including where publicly expressing an opinion on the game and any aspect of it;
(b) abide by the law, rules and spirit of the game;
(c) promote fair play and high standards of behavior;
(d) show respect towards team-mates, other teams, officials, national flags and national anthems for the interest of the game;
(e) not display banned substances in any form (including Visual and Audio) or perform unsporting acts or anything deemed as disrespectful or a cause of embarrassment.

8. HKDA is politically neutral and does not make political contributions. HKDA prohibits the use of HKDA funds, resources or venues for political activities.

9. The following shall be regarded as conduct which is improper:
(a) disturbing a national anthem, displaying insulting or political slogan in any form or using object(s);
(b) transmit an insulting or political message or message that is not appropriate for a sports event; 
(c) verbal / physical abuse or hostility towards other participants or any member of the public;
(d) disputing, protesting, appealing and/or reacting in a provocative or disapproving manner toward any decision made by an official in an inappropriate way;
(e) using rude or abusive language, gestures or hand signals towards any other participant or spectator;
(f) intimidating or offending own or other participant by reference to his or her nationality, race, religion, political view, occupation, colour or ethnic origin;
(g) engaging in any doping practice;
(h) participating in betting, gambling, lotteries or similar events or transactions
related to aDodgeball game or competition and/or seeking or accepting a bribe or other benefit for the said purpose; and
(I) abusing Dodgeball equipment or clothing, venue equipment or fixtures and fittings.


Last updated on: January 2019

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