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Dodgeball Free Trial in 18 District

Free! Join us if you are new!


Dodgeball Free Trial in 18 District is subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, organized by the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association, and co-organized by the NESA. The purpose of the event is to introduce dodgeball to Hong Kong citizens, provide free experience activities in 18 districts of Hong Kong, improve the quality of life of citizens, and develop interest.

The goal is to go to 18 districts in Hong Kong, and each district will provide 2 sessions of free experience activities of 2 hours each. If there is no suitable venue or time to arrange activities in some areas, the association will arrange activities in nearby areas. Experience activities will be arranged in Zones 1-3 every month, and a total of 72 hours of activities will be completed before March 2024.

Registration information and method

  1. Participants are free of charge and need to register through the online registration form.

  2. Good health and physical fitness and suitable to participate in the above activities; those under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by parents or guardians

  3. Youth and adults who are not members of the association and have never been in contact with dodge ball are given priority to participate in the event if they live/study/employ in the activity area.

  4. In order to reach as many participants as possible, each participant can only participate once if the registration quota is full;

  5. If there is a spot, you can re-register


WhatsApp : +852 5342 2559 (Hong Kong Dodgeball Association)

Email Address:

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