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Easy Dodgeball 

In order to make it easier for kids to learn Dodgeball,

We designed a simple and easy-to-understand introductory content to simplify the techniques, equipment, venues and rules. In order to learb the sport in a systemtical way and arouse their interest in participating Dodgeball.


Easy Dodgeball Introduction

Simple dodge ball simplifies the content of the activity through careful simplification, suitable for children aged 6-12 to participate

Beginners can enjoy the fun of dodgeball from an early age, and gradually master this fascinating sport

​ Schools that plan to participate can also sign up"Easy Dodgeball Competition", Compete with other little dodge players!

​course objectmainly forPrimary 1 to Primary 4 students; Beginners with an age range of 6-12 years old are suitable for participation.


Teach A, B, C, D introductory dodgeball techniques

A - Attack = Throwing

B - Blocking

C - Catching

D - Dodging

Adjust the teaching focus of simple dodgeball techniques according to the interests and performance of young children. The goal is to enable them to develop their basic motor skills, body control and coordination.



The ball used for training and competition is a 7-inch foam sponge dodge ball approved by WDBF.
The number of game balls is 4.

Primary 1 to 3 can use 6-inch foam sponge dodge balls.



Suggested training venue: Use the "doubles badminton court". The entire venue is rectangular, 13.4 meters long and 6.1 meters wide.
The two teams are bounded by the center line, and their respective areas are 6.7 meters long and 6.1 meters wide.
The starting line for both sides is set at a position 1.98 meters from the center line.

Competition venue reference: for juniors or below, the venue is 9 meters long and wide5 meters,Start line is 1.5 meters from center line

The two teams are bounded by the center line, and their respective areas are 4.5 meters long and 5 meters wide.

The start line of both sides is set at the center line of distance1.5 mLocation.

The size of the venue can be adjusted according to the needs of the competition and the level of the students



The main simplifications are as follows, and the detailed content will be taught by the coach.

1. There are 4 players in the infield; at least 1 player and a maximum of 2 players for pick-up.

2. The time limit for each round is 3 minutes. The team that first knocks out all the opponent's infield players wins.

3. If the number of infield players on both sides is the same at the end of each round, enter into a simple sudden death match.
4. In the simple sudden death game, no block is used (if a block is used, it will be regarded as being hit out), and the team that first knocks out all the opponent's infield players wins.

5. If the player is hit on the head, the attack will be considered invalid. If the player is hit by the head or is deliberately facing the ball with his head, this is not the case, and the decision will be made by the referee.

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